Hulk makes his debut! This has been a much requested character that took me a long time to make for some reason! I tried to adjust the pattern I usually base the characters off to give him a bit more height and weight. Hopefully he looks muscly!

And to finish off the Sailor Moon family, Tuxedo Mask! I love making top hats haha, they’re so fun and so cute.

Tomorrow I’ll be uploading a free pattern: Luna and Artemis amigurumi! So keep an eye out.

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Little Clint taking no shit. “Get in the box Loki. redsangre is waiting for you!!!

So cute! I love seeing what people create with my patterns :)

The patterns and the dolls are finally available today in the shop!

These took so long! But they’re pretty adorable, so I’ve forgiven them. Sailor Moon was my favourite show growing up, I would watch it every morning before school and then watch the repeats in the afternoon haha. 

With the new anime starting and all this cool nostalgic merchandise coming out, I just knew I had to make a set. I’m still finishing off Tuxedo Mask, and I’ll make the patterns for Luna and Artemis available for free soon :)

Hope you like!

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Anonymous asked:
do you have an etsy/store envy?

Sure do! My etsy can be found at 53stitches.etsy.com. I’ve only just started a store envy so I haven’t added any listings yet. I’m trying to fiddle with the HTML and CSS to make it look pretty haha. 


Anonymous asked:
will Hermione be for sale in your shop?

Eventually yes, but probably not for a couple more weeks. I want to get as many characters out as possible before I head back to Uni in August. I’ll announce her here when she is available. The planned order for the next bunch is Hulk, Robins, Hermione, Harry and Ron.


Nice hair tutorial! Another method that I used for my Sherlock doll was to get 100% wool yarn, make a big circle (but don't finish off) soak it in water until it is completely wet, leave it to dry completely, and unravel. What you get is wildly curly hair, exactly what Sherlock has. It works great!

Oh excellent thanks for sharing! I imagine that would make it easy to make the curls smaller or larger by using a smaller/larger hook, I’ll have to give it a try :)

Curly Amigurumi Hair Tutorial

When I was first starting out with amigurumi, hair was always the most daunting part. I’ve since learnt a few different methods for doing various hairstyles (although I’m still trying to figure out a good one for short spiky hair) and a recent custom order meant I needed some curly hair.

Here is the first in what I hope will be a series of tutorials: a Curly Amigurumi Hair Tutorial! I couldn’t think of a better character to demonstrate curly hair than Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, so I’ve made this doll in her likeness.

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Spiderman and Hawkeye make their debut! I debated for a while about whether to embroider the web on Spidey, but everytime I tried it looked ridiculous so I left it out.

I’m slowly working on all of the Sailor Scouts, Hulk and the Robins, and am having a surprisingly difficult time trying to find a yarn that would make a good skin tone for Nick Fury or Falcon. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! 

I’m planning to redesign the blog soon, sometimes my holidays feel busier then the semester!

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